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Social Media…what???

Wow. There is a lot that goes into running a business. I am just getting started but am all consumed and caught up in the smallest details of what is happening with the business.

From what ads I will put out there to which platforms I will be using to which location I will rent out to perform my skill.

It is really funny to me because I literally just reactivated my account on Facebook. That was the extent of my social media presence. I JUST made my IG accounts and last week set up a yelp.

I am literally brand new to social media. I mean I remember setting my background music on my MySpace account and getting on dial up so I can AOL chat with my friends. 😐

I literally had one of my EMT friends last week introduce me to an app that generates ads that I can put on my social media accounts. Talk about mind blowing.

All the while I am soaking in and absorbing all of these learning curves...and loving every minute of it. I have hoped, wished and dreamed to be in the space I am in today.

I will gladly take an hour or two every day to post on social media. But I will also remember my roots (which are old lol) and print put flyers and business cards and go beg, borrow and plead with all related businesses around town to put my business cards in their shops.

I am relentless and feel like a shark who smelled blood. Not he’ll nor high waters will hold me back from being successful.

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