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Nurse Turned Microblader

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Nursing was my dream. I didn’t always want to be a nurse, but it hit me like a freight train one day that nursing was my destiny. I didn’t waste any time. I enrolled in school.

The road for me to be a nurse was hard. Harder than most. I got married, had a kid (before even starting school), had two more (while in school), worked full time for the duration of school and financially struggled.

Then I became a nurse. I passed the boards and just knew it was going to be EVERYTHING. And it was…until the pandemic.

The pandemic has hardened me. More than normal. As a nurse, you have to learn (in time) to disassociate yourself from whatever is going on with your patients that day. If you don’t, you would not last long as a nurse. You learn to…sort of…be there from a distance.

The pandemic elevated that to a whole new level. Most nurses no longer have the empathy and compassion that drove them to become a nurse to begin with. We have lost faith in humanity. We have lost ourselves.

We have lost ourselves.

Fast forward to now. September 2021 - almost two years into the pandemic. I, like most nurses, am ready for a change. I am ready to put the smile back on my client’s (patient’s) faces again. I have been interested in Microblading for years now and this seems to be the best time there ever was to make that change.

So I do what Master’s (in progress) prepared nurses do best and researched…and researched…and left pretty much no stone left unturned from a research aspect. I have done my homework with Microblading.

Next, I managed to land a spot with one of the most prestigious microbladers Middle TN has to offer, Blakely.

I could not be more excited to have the opportunity to put smiles on people’s faces once again. I cannot wait to meet you and help you meet your aesthetic goals!!!

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